Thank you for stopping by and checking out the findings I have either experience or discovered on my Paranormal Quest. I would love to hear your encounters, thoughts and observations. we can best connect via email.

“Paranormal Quest: Red Pill Series of Coloring and Activity Books” – This series will be comprised of 13 volumes of fun coloring and activity books for the curious of all ages. Conspiracy, Conjecture, Paranormal and just plain weird is explored. Loaded with interesting facts, trivia and conjecture! Great for the conspiracy theorist in your life or for the conspiracy theorist who wants to ease their friends and loved ones into taking the red pill. https://loneproducerstudios.creator-spring.com/listing/red-pill-series-of-activity-b

  • What’s scarier? The bumps or the silence in the night?
    “Things that go bump in the night are chilling but the things that happen without making a sound can be even more chilling.”
  • Playing around with the Ghostbusters
    just a friendly heads up as we here at Paranormal.Quest slink back into the shadows, looking and lurking around for the most recent paranormal findings from around the world.
  • David Icke was right?
    Hard to argue with the man at this point don’t ya think?
This is an oldie but a goodie. Looking forward to sharing the events of that night with you all.
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